The Snag Christmas Gift Guide: The Goth One

The Snag Christmas Gift Guide: The Goth One

The Snag Christmas Gift Guide: The Goth One

Welcome to Snagmas! The biggest and best Christmas celebration outside of the North Pole!

While we’re off decking the halls and untangling the fairy lights, its time to start thinking about getting some shopping done ready to shower your loved ones in gifts on the big day.

To help you plan the best Christmas ever we've put together eight amazing gift guides full to bursting with our favourite Snag products to help inspire you this present-giving season.

Whether you’re shopping for the ultimate fashionista, a colourful dopamine dresser or the friend that can usually be found tucked up with a good book, we have ideas and inspiration for every kind of gift this Christmas!

No matter who you're shopping for, there's something for everyone here at Snag!

The Goth One

For the witch on their day off, these gifts are perfect for the alternative babe in your life. Besides, black never goes out of style…

Mock Garters - Blackadder

Faux fishnets and mock garters?! Yes! the ultimate pair of tights for any alt babe!

Tangled Full Cup Fishnet Bra

Tangled is a regular cup fishnet bra where 'sexy' and 'comfy' have got to know each other and really hit it off. Designed to actually fit every body, this bra will have you feeling smokin' hot without compromising on comfort.

Strapped In Fishnet Skirt

Fishnet skirts can be styled in so may ways, and make an amazing bold addition to any wardrobe - plus everything is stretchy and adjustable to get the perfect fit for get the alt look in style.

Kitty Fishnet Knickers

For an edgy and drop dead gorgeous addition to any wardrobe, goth or not, then these knickers fit the bill!

30 Denier Vintage Sheer Stockings - Liquorice

Classic but edgy, stockings are a gorgeous vampy aesthetic that we can't get enough of!

Fishnets - Sharkies

Is there anything that says "alternative" more than fishnets? These sharkies are amazing on their own or layered, and give you the ultimate way to express an edgy side!

Super Mini Skirt - Oh! - Black

Our super mini skirt is a style staple! Guaranteed to elevate any look, these minis really are mini and make a great basic to build a rocking outfit.

Bamboo Tights - Panda - Black

Super soft, luxury bamboo tights in classic black are a great alternative to wool tights and will keep legs cosy and warm all season long!

Stay Cool Chub Rub Shorts - Shorties - Black

Even goths get chub rub... Our best selling Stay Cool Chub Rub Shorts - just shorter! Not just for the summer, our shorts can be worn year round and make great stocking fillers!

Snag Bucks

Still not sure what to put on your gifting list? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Why not get your person some Snag Bucks? A gift voucher they can spend on whatever they’d like from our website stuffed full of gorgeous Snagarific loveliness. You can rest assured they can pick exactly what they want - and will love how thoughtful you were!

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