Finding maternity tights that are fun and comfortable can be so hard, but we’re excited to let you know that our entire Snag range can be used for maternity! 

Our tights come up high over your belly and sit just under the bra line! They’re made with an incredibly soft and wide waistband so they never dig, sag or roll. And because they’re stretchy, you can wear your Snags throughout your entire pregnancy comfortably!

We usually recommend getting a size up from where you are now so that you can grow into them! A few of our customers who are normally a size F or G have said that sticking to the same size even when pregnant has worked for them as F and G are made to be even stretchier than A to E. You deserve comfortable tights that’ll make you feel fabulous while being extra comfortable. Check out our handy size guide to see what size you should go for! If you have any doubts or questions feel free to reach us through Facebook, Instagram or email at

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