S&M (Stockings and Mock Garters)

Don't Dream It, Be It

Snag exists for one simple reason - every body is beautiful and that beauty deserves to be appreciated! Tights and stockings are the perfect way to celebrate your fierceness. Be it a glimpse of thigh at the top of a stocking, high heels and back seams, or fabulously textured fishnets, embrace your sexy side.

For too long the fashion patriarchy has reserved these looks for the lucky few who met its arbitrary standards of "beauty'. That's why we've made it our mission to create sexy tights for everyone. We design and test all our products, including stockings and suspenders to ensure they fit all sizes. So you can look on the outside how you feel on the inside.


Good girls go to heaven, bad girls wear fishnets. Whether its classic black, rainbow or a sexy pattern, we've got the fishnets for the goth chick you want to be.

Chill me, Thrill me, Fulfil me

Our mock garters are an easy to wear alternative to stockings & suspenders. All the glamour with none of the hassle, they go on and stay on without fuss. Perfect for pole dancing, amongst other things 😈

Your Favourite Obsession

Finally, and it’s about bloody time! Stockings and suspenders for every body. Own THE iconic sexy look and make it your own.

Choose from two styles of suspender belt and classic seamed stockings in five shades to match your skin tone.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

It's not just our range of sexy tights and stockings that's been inspired by the RHPS. Our whole business at Snag has been and continues to be inspired by this incredible, ground-breaking, genre-bending legendary show. For 50 years now RHPS has been a welcoming light of inclusion and acceptance shining out into the darkness from a mysterious house in the distance. If you're already a fan you know exactly what we mean, if you haven't experienced RHPS yet we're so jealous because the best 90 minutes of your life are still to come.

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